A company of exceptional hackers.

We work on extraordinary projects, do training, optimize web apps and give back to community.

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Extraordinary projects

We love challenging projects.

Crawling terabytes of scanned government contracts and making them searchable and analyzable for journalists, NGOs, whistleblowers and everyone else in a split of a second? Done.

Collecting, cleaning, structuring and linking milions of entities from open data sources and providing a searchable API every programmer dreams of? Done.

Fraud detection system (not public)

Detecting suspicious procurements in European financing schemes from connections of individuals and companies? Done.

What's your challenge? Try us!

Training & Consulting

We know the stuff we do. OOP, TDD, Ruby on Rails, databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (redis, elastic), data mining, analytics, client side & server side optimization and scaling.

Want in-house training?

Having problems with your application performance?

Slow page loads or database queries?

Need help? Contact us!

Giving back

We organize Rubyslava / PyVo. A regular monthly meetup for Ruby & Python developers in Bratislava. After 4+ years and 100+ tech talks with a community of 800+ members.

We lead courses on programming and building webapps for students at Slovak University of Technology.

We participate in hackathons and do opensource.

The Team

Tomáš Kramár

Ján Suchal

Michal Barla

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